🞂 Keep chat PG/PG-13 please!

🞂 Don't be mean, rude or negative. 

🞂 Treat everyone with respect, including me! No slurs, demeaning remarks, derogatory language, or anything else of the like, ever.

🞂 No swearing in the chat because of being careful of YouTube's monetization policies.  
This means:
Words you'd hear in a T-rated game are fine. (ex. "damn", "hell" etc., I say these too. You can also say stuff like "wtf" and "lmao" as in, the literal text abbreviation, and that's fine. If you wrote it out though, that would not be fine anymore because the swear word would be there, so you'd get bonked) 
Words that are "more harsh" that would earn an R movie rating are not (ex. four letter words like the F-word, S-word, etc.) 
I don't swear myself anyway, so not much has really changed. Just be careful, there is a word filter.

🞂 Please chat in English so I can understand everyone! (My French is not very good. I can understand the gist of what you're saying, but I can't converse back)

🞂 No political or religious discussions, and absolutely no hateful, derogatory, or demeaning speech of any form. 

🞂 No venting in chat, any drama, or bringing drama into the chat, or anything like that. 

🞂 Please don't ask invasive questions or be weird! I'm just a homebody bunny!

🞂 Respect my boundaries and privacy. This is fun, but remember: I am a real person underneath this, just like you. Unless we actually do know each other personally: I do not know you, nor you me. Keep this in mind. Thank you.

🞂 No game spoilers!

🞂 No backseating! If I need help, I'll ask! I'm just here to have a good time.

🞂 For everyone's safety, ask before posting an outside link! (Twitter, YouTube, and Imgur are fine)

🞂 No spam or self-promotion. 

🞂 Please don't try to commission me in the chat while I'm live, it's just not the place for it! If you'd like to commission me, please contact me through my email at: hello@rainymint.co or using my contact form here: https://rainymint.co/contact I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

🞂 Don't bring up the view count or other streamers, that they went live, etc. unless I do first!

🞂 Remember: if you got timed out or banned, there was a reason. Please use common sense and don't be a jerk. :) 

🞂 Enjoy yourself! Have a good time, chat member.
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