ADVE2291 Design Lab 1: Project 5 Expressive Type Design and Mockup
For this project, we were tasked with illustrating and creating a brand mockup using the help of Adobe Dimension, based off of a word with 5 characters in it.  Immediately, the feeling of summer days long past came to mind.

I decided to make my brand mockup of a sweet soda, based and named after the word "fresh".  
Created with a mixture of Adobe Dimension (3D mockup), Illustrator, and Photoshop, 

Capturing the feeling of summer beginning was important for the inspirations behind this project. Nothing makes me think of summer more than citrus fruits, so for my inspirations, I wanted to look at lots of different ways that other illustrators stylize them to better create my own. 
Work in Progress:

Never having worked in Adobe Dimension before, I decided to just start with my illustration and work with it later.  I began by sketching what kind of project I wanted to create.  Beforehand, I was considering a toothpaste and the word "Smile" instead.
The final result:
I illustrated my citrus pattern in Photoshop.  In making it, I considered what saturations of my colors would best say "summer", and give the illustration the refreshing feeling of its namesake.  I then hand-lettered the logo type over it in Illustrator using the blob brush tool with a brush calligraphy stroke set over it.  I then exported both combined together, and as separate pieces for 3D assembly in Dimension.  This is my first time working with 3D outside of simple posing models.

I wanted my 3D mockup to look refreshing, incorporating the splash of water, and water droplets on the can, and the summer-like imagery of the shades of blue. 

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