ADVE2291 Design Lab 1: Project 2 Illustrator techniques
For this project, we were tasked with vectoring a classic rendition of the Coca-Cola logo, as a wall mural in a photograph, then create different illustrations using the Coca-Cola design, in some sort of situation of our choosing. 

The beginning of my process started with gathering inspiration of different packaging designs and illustrations I liked.  I quite enjoyed the bright color choices and bold designs of these.
Work in Progress: the vectoring process
We were to use this mural photo to vector both the logo, and the soda bottle, for creation of a vectored logo, and our designs.  I vectored the logo using the pen tool and pathfinder, and matched the "trademark" typeface to a font in my possession, giving it an arc with the transform tool.

I ended up with two renditions of the mural.
Final Logo Renditions:
A darker version, and lighter version.
My Vector Designs:

Nostalgically inspired by the look of my local Cinnemark's popcorn buckets, I decided to take a virtual trip to the movies with my designs; incorporating classic Coca-Cola imagery reminiscent of what you might find there.
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